Climate Refugees

The Year 2041 - Seven consecutive years of drought on the Iberian Peninsula and scorching summers caused a mass-migration of low-strata-consumers from Spain and Portugal to the northern countries. The scale and intensity of these Endo-European movements caught the local governments and administrations unawares and therefore totally unprepared. Another factor which aggravated the situation and increased the numbers of refugees was the uninhibited use of AI technology to assess individual economic situation and credit-worthiness as a field test in Greece. This pushed many low-strata-consumers, that had previously been able to enjoy basic social securities, into social free fall. Consecutively, these 'no-credits' moved to countries like France, Germany or Austria, where this technology had not yet taken full effect.
Even though efforts were stepped up to supply the migrants with basic food and shelter, the facilities soon met the limits of their capacities. Make-shift camps were set up in public and semi-public places like parking lots and industrial areas.