Village People

The Year 2033 - The endemic feeling of being 'at a loss' swept wide parts of the consumers. This, as predicted in 'The Limits of Production', was a natural psychological side effect, a mass-phenomenon if you will, of the early incarnations of Hyperconsumerism. The obvious and most readily available 'medication' for this 'buyer's loss' was to step up the markers and simulacra of a sensation of belonging, to create an ersatz-community, so to speak, by means of reviving pseudo traditions in form and function. In its nucleus this bogus-heritage had been around since before the turn of the century. However, in the first third of the 21st century these 'stagings' of folklore and tradition were being stepped up to unprecedented levels, both in frequency and esthetics. The aim was to create a pseudo-religious enthusiasm, unreflected and visceral ex ovo et origine, which should carry the consumer over periods of 'buyer's loss' and help increase the median of consumption.